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Beacon Waves connects you directly to your customers. One popular tool we use is the E-Coupon. We all know that people have a limited amount of disposable income and life is way too busy to waste time clipping coupons. That's why our electronic, mobile-friendly E-Coupons are always ready to use and stay with your customers wherever they go!

Alex Campbell in an Entrepreneur magazine article stated, '...82% said that saving digital coupons to their phone is more convenient than printing them...' Campbell also stated, '...59% of respondents said that they would have a more positive opinion of retailers if they offered mobile coupons...'

Think of E-Couponing as a way to let your customers know about your upcoming specials or promotional events. We look forward to speaking with you about innovative ways to make your business grow!

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Coming soon: Couponing on Steroids!


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